Oconee County Rescue Squad


The mission of Oconee County Emergency Services is to provide the most effective, efficient, responsible and professional response to the needs of the citizens of Oconee County and to all those that visit our community.

The Rescue Squads will:


  • Respond to First Responder calls and give care to patients in need.
  • Respond to rescue emergencies.
  • Respond to natural and technological disasters as part of the coordinated public safety effort.
  • Respond to the needs of Oconee County with Honesty, Courtesy and Respect.
  • Respond to all emergencies being prepared, expecting the worst.
  • Keep the safety of all a priority at all times.
  • Obtain and maintain all training required to respond to emergencies and needs of the community.
  • Represent this agency and Oconee County as professionals and with dignity.


  • We will risk much to save lives.
  • We will risk little to save property.
  • We will risk nothing to save what is already lost.


S – Safety
A – Always
M – Matters




Keith Wilbanks - Rescue Coordinator

Steven Adams - Assistant Rescue Coordinator

Squad # Squad  Chief
R1 Seneca Rescue Squad Phil Galloway
R2 Salem Rescue Squad Tammy Wilbanks
R3 Oakway Rescue Squad James Mast
R4 Walhalla Rescue Squad Nicole LeCroy
R5 Westminster Rescue Squad Bill Smith
R6 Mountain Rest Rescue Squad Lynn Wilbanks
R11  Corinth-Shiloh Fire/Rescue  Mike Zambito
R22  Keowee Rescue Squad  Erik Sprogis
R7 Dive Team Richard Belmore
R8 Special Rescue Steven Adams

Emergency Management:

(864) 638-4200
300 S. Church Street
Walhalla, SC 29691


(864) 638-4220
216 Emergency Lane
Westminster, SC 29693